Alcoa Closure Systems International (CSI)

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the Bottling Game
The Bottling Game was designed to assist Alcoa CSI's
salespeople in their understanding of business finance
and contributions to their customers' profits.

Alcoa CSI puts a cap on product selling -
sells value instead

In a market where the customer base is becoming increasingly confrontational when it comes to pricing, Alcoa CSI needed to teach its salespeople how to go beyond the basics of selling to become knowledgeable in the area of business finances.

Edgeworth, Inc. developed a strategic, customized program that incorporated an unparalleled technique in the form of a customized board game, which the sales team used to understand how businesses make a profit by circulating capital, using assets wisely and carefully managing revenues and expenses. Armed with this knowledge, Alcoa CSI’s sales teams can now recognize opportunities in the market and apply Alcoa CSI’s value to those opportunities in order to obtain a profit not only for the customer, but also for Alcoa CSI itself as well.

When the program was rolled out at Alcoa CSI’s headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, the response was overwhelmingly positive. All the participants said the program was not only “effective, clear and understandable,” “valuable and useful,” but “enjoyable as well.” Other comments made by the attendees included “good systematic approach to understanding actual value Alcoa can bring to its customers”; and “it gave us all the tools to quantify what we were leaving on the table.”

The Alcoa CSI Value Selling program was so successful that the CSI management team implemented a global rollout of the concepts and a deployment strategy within Alcoa CSI to their locations in Brazil, China, Germany and Spain. At the request of Alcoa CSI to ensure there was no language barrier, the entire Value Selling program was translated into German and Spanish for each respective location.

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