General Electric Capital
Information Technology Solutions (ITS), a $10-billion-dollar division of GE Capital, asked Edgeworth to design an important piece of GE's sales training curriculum. This was authorized by GE management in an effort to boost stagnant revenues and margins in a tightly competitive technology market.

The company had already employed the services of nationally recognized training firms for basic training focusing on selling skills and account management. It was felt, however, that something was missing. To paraphrase a GE Vice-President, "The salespeople knew how to sell at the street level and knew how to get to the corner office, but when they got there, they weren't sure what to say." It was easy to fall back on technology speak, but senior customer managers were not interested. They wanted to know how GE could make money for them.

Enter Edgeworth and theGame™, customized around both GE's financials as well as a typical GE customer. GE's sales force not only gained valuable insight into GE's internal model but could also use their understanding of ROTC (Return on Total Capital) to better position themselves with customers. GE sales, marketing and support personnel continued to use theGame™ to reinforce how their own company produces ROTC and how an EVA (Economic Value Added) strategy helps make GE the powerhouse company that it is. Armed with this intelligence, participants review the customer's strategic and financial information via the board game and identify areas where GE can add value.

This training has enabled GE sales and marketing personnel to define the overall Value Proposition and has allowed them to demonstrate to the customer the value of using IT Solutions.

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Designed to help GE Capital boost revenues
in a very competitive technology market.


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