Highmark Life & Casualty
A division of Highmark Blue Cross, a major player in the healthcare insurance industry, Highmark Life & Casualty (HL&C) provides its commercial clients with life, property and casualty insurance products.

A competitive marketplace began placing downward pressure on pricing and margins, particularly in such high-volume products as life and property/casualty lines. Although sales representatives enjoyed long-term customer relationships, they found that customers demanded deeper discounts than in past years. These customers developed a "take it or leave it" attitude, seriously jeopardizing the company's future.

HL&C's Chief Executive Officer assessed the situation and championed a strategy that hinged on two pillars: 1) Develop a stronger internal team to support the field marketing effort and 2) Explore ways in which the field could identify and sell value in order to maintain higher margins.

Edgeworth supported the strategy in two ways. First, in order to bolster the internal effort, Edgeworth designed a game board customized around the insurer's business, demonstrating the importance of such issues as managing claims (in terms of both underwriting and administrative issues), minimizing overhead expenses and increasing awareness of the cost/benefit factors relating to capital requests.

In addition, the second effort involved working closely with the field to select those products capable of driving more value for HL&C.

The combination of these two efforts enabled HL&C to more than double its revenues and triple profits over the next year. HL&C continued to work with Edgeworth to reinforce the program, securing its continued success and taking the program to its distribution channel - the broker network.

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Drives home senior management's plans and
helps their sales and marketing people build
economically sound value propositions.

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