RPS (Now known as FedEx Ground)
After having engaged UPS as a bona fide competitor in the U.S. ground parcel market. RPS in its first five years of existence, won sales and marketing battles based largely on its relatively advanced technology (bar code based scanning for package tracking) and low pricing.

In the following years, when competition intensified its efforts, technology and pricing - while still important - were no longer sufficient advantages.

RPS then made the decision to engage Edgeworth to help win at the sales game on two fronts. First, Edgeworth designed a core program to supplement the training of local area sales representatives. This program consisted of training in basic selling skills and negotiation. Secondly, an advanced program was designed for National Account Executives and Senior Sales Reps. This enabled participants to plan an account strategy and to execute it on the basis of the business value RPS brought to the customer. RPS's use of this program will continue as the company goes through a period of major change.

Now known as FedEx Ground, the company later worked with Edgeworth to make the program current and targeted its account representatives tasked with major accounts.

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Designed to help FedEx's salespeople leverage
their knowledge of the customer's business model,
in providing more value in their relationships.

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