Victoria's Secret Direct

Coming off of a very successful Spring season, Victoria's Secret Direct (VSD) failed to achieve its growth and income projections for the following year. In order to ensure their continued growth, the VSD management team realized the need to communicate their financial objectives to the entire corporate management staff. VSD senior management teamed with Edgeworth to develop a vehicle for reinforcing their strategy and goals company-wide.

What Edgeworth delivered was a highly customized game-based program which illustrated the company's objectives in a uniquely interesting way. The VSD Game incorporated actual financial performance from the prior and current seasons as well as the company's projections for the future. The management team was introduced to the Victoria's Secret Direct Game at the Leadership Development Conference held in Columbus, Ohio, and the program was very well received by all participants. President & CEO Sharen Turney indicated that the feedback from the Leadership Group was extremely positive and she thanked Edgeworth for being such an inspiration to her people.

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Designed to put all managment employees on the same page, strategically, and to ensure their continued growth.

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