Why Edgeworth? Sharp managers within the most well-run companies are constantly looking for a strategic advantage. They know you either stay ahead or sit on the sidelines.

We are a human-capital consulting firm focused on helping to sharpen and develop the business acumen of employees. Our clients employ our unique ability to help traditionally nonfinancial people understand corporate finance and apply those concepts in their everyday work experience.

Edgeworth recognizes the need for business people to think more strategically in an ever increasingly competitive world. Although today's work force has evolved into a sophisticated and technically skilled group, a good grasp of the fundamentals of business can sometimes elude them.

Edgeworth's Value Proposition will help your organization build corporate wealth through increased internal value, tangible value for your customers and the inevitable shareholder returns. In the end, it is people who make things happen. Invest in your people and the return on your most important asset will reward you handsomely through a total value culture.